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Horse racing is a tradition Double
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 rich sport that has been practiced in various forms for thousands of years. It involves several sets of horses and riders racing against each other to cross the finish line first, thus winning the race. Obviously then, the bond between person and horse is essential. No one is quite sure when people started to ride horses but the earliest evidence we have found for the first domesticated horses comes from Ukraine at around 4000 to 3500 BCE. Others suggest that people started riding horses circa 3000 to 3500 BCE in what is now modern day Kazakhstan.

Horse racing itself would find its roots in many famous ancient cultures, including Persia, Greece, Egypt, and Babylon. Many of these early horse races featured a chariot pulled behind the horse, which is still preserved in some modern horse races. These early races often featured death and serious injury which helped draw massive crowds.When most people think of horse racing they think of "flat" racing. Flat racing refers to the typical race on a flat dirt, lawn, or synthetic surface, usually on an oval race track. Jockeys ride the horse and help guide it to the finish line. The earliest known flat race occurred on a four mile track in 1174 AD and horse races quickly became popular at fairs and festivals across the United Kingdom and Europe.

Thorough breed horses refer to a specific breed of horses that are descendant from three stallions imported from the "orient" to breed with English mares. These three stallions were Turkish, Barb, and Arabian descent and were strong, fast horses. These three stallions bred from circa 1680 to 1740 and by the end of the 18th century were among the most dominant breeds in the world. The thoroughbred breed of horses quickly became one of the most popular horse breeds in England and Europe and as a result people began racing their thoroughbred horses against one another.

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