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Egg Donation – A Nice Plan for Parents Facing Infertility Problems (A Coruña)

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When it comes to reproduction services, egg donation is part of the third party reproducing
methods. An egg donor refers to a woman who provides many eggs for another woman or
couple who is trying for a child. The donor is only required to get eggs once it is complete,
in vitro fertilization, where eggs are fertilized in the laboratory.
The egg donation process may be used for a several reasons. It is quiet popular among the
old age women (from age 35-45) who cannot have children on their own due to eggs that
cannot be fertilized. The older a woman gets, the more difficult it becomes to conceive
because of advanced reproductive age. Other reasons would include disorders or illnesses
that can be evaded through the egg donation process. Now you may be interested in
knowing that how the egg donation process works. So to make you aware of this there
are some important steps mentioned here for your reference:
ï‚· Basic Donor Qualifications: Donors need to be at least 21 and no more than 32
ï‚· Donor Intake Boot Camp: includes 4 to 5 appointments for screening the best donor.
ï‚· Donor pre-screening is important: A large egg donor database is prepared of the
best and suitable donors that can be matched with clients.
ï‚· Donors go through the psychological intake process
ï‚· Ready to Talk Disclosure: recipients come in with their partners to meet with the
Coordinator, their doctor and the financial department.
ï‚· Matchmaking is done between the recipient and the donor.
All the legal issues are taken care while preparing the contract from initiation to the end of
process which includes many causes related to parenting of the infant, finances, donation
etc. So if you also believe in helping a parent in to bear the blessing with a new born baby
with them, contact us and be the angel of somebody’s life.
ARTbaby Egg Donors
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